Eating and Drinking

Food Glorious Food: Encouraging a Person with Dementia to Eat

Although people with dementia sometimes gain weight, for example when they experience changes in taste that cause them to crave sugary food,  weight loss is far more common.  This can sometimes be because they aren’t receiving the support that they need to buy and prepare food,  to overcome physical difficulties with eatiing or drinking  or to maintain mealtime routines.   In other instances this…

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Activity and Dementia: Breadmaking

  Few food have as much meaning to us as bread.  In its various guises, it is a staple of diets across much of the world, eaten by many on a near daily basis.  It is used metaphorically to suggest material worth and is an important religious symbol in both Judaic and Christian traditions.  Because of…

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Dementia Friendly Eating Out

The opportunity to eat food in the social atmosphere of a  pub restaurant or cafe is something that many of us enjoy and look forward to.    For those with dementia and the people that support them it can  be an  activity that  allows them to treat themselves and participate in their wider community.    For some a visit to a local…

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Activities and Dementia: Bringing out the Inner Hunter Gatherer

When coming up with ideas for things for things to do for people with dementia I draw upon my own experiences and preferences.  What do I like to do myself?  Would a particular activity be suitable for someone with dementia and enjoyable for them?  If there are barriers to participation can these be overcome? I…

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Alcohol and Dementia

  The Royal College of Psychiatrists in the United Kingdom have indicated that alcohol intake is increasing among the elderly population.  Their figures suggest that 1 in 5 older men and 1 in 10 women drink more than recommended guidelines.  As people age they also  tend to become more sensitive to the effects of alcohol.  This…

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Sweet Enough?

Once on  a visit to a residential home I noticed that someone had bought their mum with dementia a similar mug to this one that I found on Amazon. On one level I thought it was  a pretty nifty idea.    Even in a pretty small care setting,  I can see how  difficult it must be for staff to…

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