Firearms and Dementia: A UK Perspective

In the United Kingdom  firearms ownership is deemed a privilege rather than a right.   Possession in this country is highly regulated and has been particularly restrictive since the Dunblane school shooting of 2002.  Gun licensing is the responsibility of local police forces and a person has to have a very good reason to own this…

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How the Police Have Helped Me Support People with Dementia

In rural Devon where I live and work,  I have formed strong links with the officers who police the community in my area.  I have found them to be sensitive and compassionate when working with people with dementia.    Because of this I wanted to identify some of the ways in which they have been helpful. Yet…

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Colder Darker Days: Preparing for Winter with Dementia

The colder, darker days of winter pose environmental challenges for people with dementia both indoors and outside the home.   Here we will consider some of the ways that a person can keep safe and well and maintain their well-being during the winter period.  What is crucial is to consider whether additional  support is needed through this period. …

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Falls and Dementia: Part 2: Reducing Falls for People with Dementia

In my previous post (follow the link here) I considered some of the things that might increase the risk of falls for people with dementia.  In the second post of this series  I’ve outlined below  steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of falling or even prevent it happening altogether.  Such a brief overview cannot consider every factor that might…

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The Herbert Protocol: Finding Vulnerable Missing People With Dementia Sooner

Here’s something that it seemed important to share with people with dementia and those who support them in a personal and professional capacity.  I didn’t know about the Herbert Protocol until researching this post. I’ll certainly be promoting its use with the people that I work with and encouraging my local police force to give it prominence. George…

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Stopping The Flow

My friends have just bought a hairdressing salon.    They quickly befriended the very independent 99 year old woman who lives in the flat above.  She’s still going strong  and doesn’t have a dementia but as you would expect she has a few health problems.  It would be pretty unusual if she didn’t have any at that advanced age.   She’s  visually impaired and…

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