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Dementia Villages: The Way Forward

Quite often these days I read stories about plans to build dementia villages around the world like the one at Hogeweyk in the Netherlands.  Many of you might be familiar with this.  Here, around 150 people, who all have advanced dementia,  live in a secure nursing facility that mimics the outside world.  It has a supermarket,…

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Activity and Dementia: Birdwatching and Beyond

I’ve identified bird watching to engage people with dementia as it can be carried out at all sorts of different levels.  For the more able it’s an ideal pursuit where someone can get involved with attracting birds to their outdoor space, identifying them and travelling further afield to spot different species.  For those with more advanced…

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How People with Dementia Might Continue to Enjoy Reading

Reading is a skill that most of us acquired at an early age. As well as helping us perform other activities of daily living, for example by providing instruction and giving information about the world that we live in, for many of us it is a well loved pastime. We read to escape from reality,…

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Watching Someone Make a Cup of Tea: How Occupational Assessment Can Unpick Problems For People with Cognitive Difficulties

As an occupational therapist working with people experiencing problems with cognition I’ll analyse the activities that form part of their everyday lives in order to give me clues about what is going on for them.  Sometimes this will form part of a discussion.  I might ask the person, or a person that knows them well,  questions about what they…

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Death and Dementia

I acknowledge that the title of this post may sound rather morbid.  But let me give reassurance from the outset that it has been written to provide hope to those diagnosed with dementia and the people that support them rather than being a source of doom and gloom. Yes, it is true that if they progress…

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Falls and Dementia: Part 2: Reducing Falls for People with Dementia

In my previous post (follow the link here) I considered some of the things that might increase the risk of falls for people with dementia.  In the second post of this series  I’ve outlined below  steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of falling or even prevent it happening altogether.  Such a brief overview cannot consider every factor that might…

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