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Make Up and Dementia: Using Cosmetics Therapeutically

Fascinating research has been reported from Japan on the use of cosmetic therapy where participants have been taught how to apply make up.  One academic study indicates that  it might slow down cognitive decline for women with dementia in its early stages.  While this research failed to demonstrate a positive effect for women in the later stages of dementia another project indicates that it could be beneficial.   Residents…

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Colder Darker Days: Preparing for Winter with Dementia

The colder, darker days of winter pose environmental challenges for people with dementia both indoors and outside the home.   Here we will consider some of the ways that a person can keep safe and well and maintain their well-being during the winter period.  What is crucial is to consider whether additional  support is needed through this period. …

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Managing Sound in the Environment for People with Dementia

The auditory quality of the space where a person with dementia lives has an important role in promoting their well-being and orientating them to their environment.  This applies whether or not they have a hearing impairment,  a condition that commonly runs alongside a dementia diagnosis.    We all have different auditory preferences and tolerance to noise too. …

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Teaching Older People Compassion

My reflections today come from something that I’ve observed whilst working with older people over the past two decades.  I’ve seen many instances where the disability of their peers whether physical, cognitive or sensory isn’t well tolerated.  The reactions range from  barely perceptible  expressions of annoyance to quite shocking cruelty and unkindness.   What is sometimes surprising is…

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