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Going Up and Down: Stairs and Dementia

My friend works at a historic building that is open to visitors.  Recently a group of older people arrived at the ticket office.  He gave directions to one part of the building.   ‘There’s a staircase down but you can get to it from the path outside instead.  It might be easier.’   The gung-ho party pooh-poohed…

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Delirium and its Interrelationship with Dementia

As a mental health practitioner working with people over the age of 65,  I’ve come across people who’ve been discharged from general hospitals with a newly diagnosed dementia who make a full recovery recover soon after discharge.  This might seem slightly odd given that dementia is a degenerative disease.   Miracle working is not at play…

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Firearms and Dementia: A UK Perspective

In the United Kingdom  firearms ownership is deemed a privilege rather than a right.   Possession in this country is highly regulated and has been particularly restrictive since the Dunblane school shooting of 2002.  Gun licensing is the responsibility of local police forces and a person has to have a very good reason to own this…

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Aromatherapy and Dementia

There are just a few small scale research studies that have explored the use of aromatherapy as treatment for some of the unpleasant symptoms of agitation and distress that some people with dementia experience.   Most notably the use of melissa  (lemon balm)  to ease agitation and the properties of lavender to promote sleep have been…

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