About Me

l'm a  Devon based  HCPC registered occupational therapist with over fifteen years experience of working with people with dementia and those that support them personally and professionally.   I am respectful of individual needs and preferences and work in a way that combines compassion with a dynamic approach.  I have extensive experience of providing training and supervision  within the NHS and  for the voluntary and private sector.

Prior to my occupational therapy career I was a tax consultant in international accountancy firms.  This  background gives me an appreciation of the commercial challenges facing public and private sector organisations that support people with dementia and those who are close to them.

Outside  work,  I love  adventures in my aged German motorhome with my teenage son, exploring creativity through crafting and writing and sharing time with my friends and family.    I lead a rich, fulfilling life and I gain great satisfaction from  supporting the people that I work with so that they may do the same.

Who  I Work With

I  am passionate about  making a difference to people's lives by helping them to reduce their anxiety and distress and  guiding them in making the most of their strengths.  My extensive clinical experience means that I am well placed to work with:

People who do not have a diagnosis of dementia yet worry because problems with memory or with other areas of brain function are affecting their everyday life.

Families and friends of people with age associated cognitive problems whether or not the person that they support has a diagnosis of dementia.

People with a diagnosis of dementia at all stages of the disease.  I can work with you and those who support you.   Maybe I can help with coming to terms with your diagnosis.   Together we can plan how to improve your well-being, by exploring what maintains and restores your sense of purpose.   Or we might look at the environment where you live and consider what changes may be beneficial to compensate for any difficulties that you have.

I also welcome enquiries from those  working with people with dementia.

You may be:

A health or social care professional seeking supervision or mentoring.

A professional carer who wants to develop  skills so that you are better understand the people that you support.

A care home manager seeking advice/support about adapting the environment, improving the quality of life for those who care for at individual and whole home level or face to face or online training for staff.

The owner of an organisation who wants to work in a dementia friendly way.  I can explore cost-effective ways of achieving this.  This is a win-win situation for the community that you serve and your business.