Recording Preferences and Needs After A Dementia Diagnosis.

A frequent  task in my role as a mental health practitioner in  an older adult mental health team has been preparing a report before a person with dementia moves into a residential care setting.  It includes a brief social and medical history and summarises their preferences and  needs.    It has occurred to me  that…

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Delirium and its Interrelationship with Dementia

As a mental health practitioner working with people over the age of 65,  I’ve come across people who’ve been discharged from general hospitals with a newly diagnosed dementia who make a full recovery recover soon after discharge.  This might seem slightly odd given that dementia is a degenerative disease.   Miracle working is not at play…

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Watching Someone Make a Cup of Tea: How Occupational Assessment Can Unpick Problems For People with Cognitive Difficulties

As an occupational therapist working with people experiencing problems with cognition I’ll analyse the activities that form part of their everyday lives in order to give me clues about what is going on for them.  Sometimes this will form part of a discussion.  I might ask the person, or a person that knows them well,  questions about what they…

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