Managing Distress

Aromatherapy and Dementia

There are just a few small scale research studies that have explored the use of aromatherapy as treatment for some of the unpleasant symptoms of agitation and distress that some people with dementia experience.   Most notably the use of melissa  (lemon balm)  to ease agitation and the properties of lavender to promote sleep have been…

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Preventing Constipation for People with Dementia

Maintaining regular bowel habits has an important contribution in keeping a person with dementia healthy and uncomfortable.  In the early stages of the disease a person may identify for themselves that something is wrong, for example if they have not had a bowel movement for longer than usual or if their stools are unusually hard.  Even so many…

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Dementia and The Dentist

Advances in treatment mean that a visit to a dentist’s surgery is much less traumatic now than in living memory.   It still isn’t a place though that many of us relish going.    Treatment can still involve elements of pain, be uncomfortable  and invasive or jar on the senses.    People without cognitive problems often find a dental appointment…

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Doll Therapy and Dementia

I was drawn to becoming an occupational therapist so that I could help people explore meaning in their life.  What that entails varies across their lifespan.  For what is meaningful to a person changes over time. It’s  dependent on lots of things: the different roles that they adopt,  their culture  and belief system,  the state of their physical and…

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