Delirium and its Interrelationship with Dementia

As a mental health practitioner working with people over the age of 65,  I’ve come across people who’ve been discharged from general hospitals with a newly diagnosed dementia who make a full recovery recover soon after discharge.  This might seem slightly odd given that dementia is a degenerative disease.   Miracle working is not at play…

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The Meaning of Handbags for People with Dementia

I’ve recently read an article by Christina Buse and Julia Twigg from the University of Kent, ‘ Women with dementia and their handbags:  Negotiating identity, privacy and ‘home’ through material culture’.  Although it’s an academic piece of writing it’s expressed in language that’s  easy to understand.  It’s a fascinating study and I’d encourage others to read the original article…

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Make Up and Dementia: Using Cosmetics Therapeutically

Fascinating research has been reported from Japan on the use of cosmetic therapy where participants have been taught how to apply make up.  One academic study indicates that  it might slow down cognitive decline for women with dementia in its early stages.  While this research failed to demonstrate a positive effect for women in the later stages of dementia another project indicates that it could be beneficial.   Residents…

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The Nun Study

David Snowdon’s Aging with Grace:  What the Nun Study Teaches Us About Living Longer, Healthier and More Meaningful Lives  has been on my reading list for some time now.    So I took it away with me on my travels this summer.  I’ll admit that, on first glance, a book published in 2001 which describes the early…

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Being A Guinea Pig: Getting Involved In Dementia Research

Every so often in my work a person with dementia or perhaps a family member will come up with the name of a new drug that’s still being tested and ask how they can get involved with its trial.  I have to say that the process by which new medication gets approval isn’t as simple as finding…

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