Faith and Dementia

When looking for a picture to illustrate this post about supporting people with dementia to maintain their faith practices,  I was pleased to settle on this one,  taken in a Jewish synagogue.  Perhaps  I write, because of my upbringing, from a Western Christian perspective.  However I hope that this article will have relevance for those…

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Teaching Older People Compassion

My reflections today come from something that I’ve observed whilst working with older people over the past two decades.  I’ve seen many instances where the disability of their peers whether physical, cognitive or sensory isn’t well tolerated.  The reactions range from  barely perceptible  expressions of annoyance to quite shocking cruelty and unkindness.   What is sometimes surprising is…

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Death and Dementia

I acknowledge that the title of this post may sound rather morbid.  But let me give reassurance from the outset that it has been written to provide hope to those diagnosed with dementia and the people that support them rather than being a source of doom and gloom. Yes, it is true that if they progress…

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Downsizing Into a Care Setting: Taking What Matters

For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it.  1 Timothy 6:7 This is an undeniable truth from the Bible that crosses religious boundaries.  Yet it occurred to me that often the process of preparing to leave this world with no possessions often starts well before death.  A person…

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