The Physical Environment

Greening Dementia and Beyond: An Overview

    Access to the natural world outside my home is hugely important to me.  Unless I am unwell  I go out every single day in all weathers.  I’d feel trapped if I couldn’t do this  .  Maybe it’s because of the personal significance of the outdoors that I’m so aghast when I go into…

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Going Up and Down: Stairs and Dementia

My friend works at a historic building that is open to visitors.  Recently a group of older people arrived at the ticket office.  He gave directions to one part of the building.   ‘There’s a staircase down but you can get to it from the path outside instead.  It might be easier.’   The gung-ho party pooh-poohed…

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Colder Darker Days: Preparing for Winter with Dementia

The colder, darker days of winter pose environmental challenges for people with dementia both indoors and outside the home.   Here we will consider some of the ways that a person can keep safe and well and maintain their well-being during the winter period.  What is crucial is to consider whether additional  support is needed through this period. …

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Smart Speakers and Dementia

The inspiration for this article came  the other day.  I was staying with a friend, whose husband is a bit of a gadget freak.  They have an Amazon Echo,  an interactive speaker that the couple talk to intermittently.  It seems that speakers these days do far more than those I’ve used as an illustration for this post.  They…

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Dementia Villages: The Way Forward

Quite often these days I read stories about plans to build dementia villages around the world like the one at Hogeweyk in the Netherlands.  Many of you might be familiar with this.  Here, around 150 people, who all have advanced dementia,  live in a secure nursing facility that mimics the outside world.  It has a supermarket,…

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Falls and Dementia: Part 2: Reducing Falls for People with Dementia

In my previous post (follow the link here) I considered some of the things that might increase the risk of falls for people with dementia.  In the second post of this series  I’ve outlined below  steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of falling or even prevent it happening altogether.  Such a brief overview cannot consider every factor that might…

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