Aromatherapy and Dementia

There are just a few small scale research studies that have explored the use of aromatherapy as treatment for some of the unpleasant symptoms of agitation and distress that some people with dementia experience.   Most notably the use of melissa  (lemon balm)  to ease agitation and the properties of lavender to promote sleep have been…

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Pain As A Driver For Agitation For People With Dementia

If you think about it  most of us can be pretty dysfunctional if we’re in  severe pain.   We might cry, whine, withdraw social contact or get needier,  find it harder to pay attention and avoid normal activity.     In extreme cases we might lash out verbally and physically at those who cause or exacerbate the pain. …

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Improving Sleep Quality for People with Dementia

Problems with sleep  are common in the general population as well as for people with dementia.  The reasons for intermittent or more persistent insomnia may be hard to identify and multi-factorial.  I’ll start by outlining  some of the reasons that sleep might be disrupted.  Use this as a checklist to consider what may be presenting problems for…

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One Size Does Not Fit All: Why There is a Need for a Personalised Approach for People with Dementia.

Inspiration for this article came after I’d tweeted about the Dementia Dog Project.   Dogs are matched  to a person with dementia and then trained to help them manage the demands of the individual’s unique routine.  Of course they provide companionship and an incentive for the person to get out and about too.    ‘Wouldn’t having a dog reminding you…

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